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Автор Тема: to: Suma help for (seaman) different 3g provider  (Прочитано 1385 раз)


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to: Suma help for (seaman) different 3g provider
« : 05 Февраля 2015, 18:21:46 »

 I have problem with my subscription for Grisha (not this one Grisha1)
If you remember, we are seaman at sea on board the ship
and using different 3g providers, different sim cards
due to visiting different states.
Before you activated for us this setting and all was nicely going until
recent time when we could not open the channels, about 3 days.
Could you check please if this setting are still valid,
because we cant open the channels.
 We are talking about account Grisha
Must I reviel e-mail address here?
Openbox SX4, newcamd, wicardd, Vip All, Grisha 1


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Re: to: Suma help for (seaman) different 3g provider
« Ответ #1 : 05 Февраля 2015, 19:08:40 »
Summary statistics of your connections for today:

No requests for decoding were registered
Requests received 0
Requests decoded 0
KeepAlive requests 1

So, 1) are you sure that your subscriptions is alive and valid?
2) As was told earlier, don't use 3G connections as they are unstable, moreover, you are on the ship.
All your connections registered for today are from GB. I hope, IP was not changed as it seems constant.
Check connection of your receiver to the internet. I am not sure that it is available at all as no requests for decoding were received from your receiver. Check also emulator whether it is activated or not.
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Re: to: Suma help for (seaman) different 3g provider
« Ответ #2 : 05 Февраля 2015, 20:58:40 »
Many thanks for your prompt response.

Subscription is ok, still valid.
I think I have a problem with my receiver,
dreambox 800HD Se.
DCC can not detect receiver,
cannot check settings of mgcam.
 Yes we are using 3G but it is ok for us,
as far as we can see channels in ports, near the shore,
mostly we have 3G internet from different country providers.
We are really happy with your service.
 Any how I have ordered new receiver Openbox V8Se,
it should arrive soon and I will download  mgcamd
hope it will run smoothly.
 There is another small issue.
I have open for this account (Grisha) account in the forum with same username(Grisha)
and afterwords open another account in the forum Grisha1 (for my another subscription Grisha1)
but I register this in same e-mail address as the Grisha.
I want to reset password for Grisha (forum account, as I forgot the password)
but e-mail is not received with link reseting the password.
however e-mails warning about end of subscriptions receiving for both accounts.
To make story short: Grisha, and Grisha1 forum accounts using same e-mail.
Grisha1 can reset the password, Grisha can not. (we are talking about forum accounts)
If any idea appreciated if you advise, otherwise no problem it's not such important, as far as
I am not missing some important information.
  Again thanks for info and best regards.

PS. my usernames and name in email are nicknames, I still can speak russian on some degree
but have no keybord with  cyrilic and plus very difficult to tipe.
Openbox SX4, newcamd, wicardd, Vip All, Grisha 1