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Автор Тема: Avoiding rules violations with TM 5402 HD  (Прочитано 2028 раз)


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Avoiding rules violations with TM 5402 HD
« : 21 Декабря 2014, 20:38:21 »
I've spent quite a bit of time experimenting with different settings as I found as I was getting warnings in the Connections History link.  Mainly these were related to 'keepalive' requests.  On this box there seems to be no way to configure this. I was also getting warnings about excessive decoding requests.
I noticed it seemed to be mainly a problem on the second backup server - if the server isn't doing anything, which is the normal situation, it will send keepalive requests and generate warnings because you can't set the correct parameter as I said above.
Also, whilst you are watching a encryped sky channel  there are no keepalive requests sent to the main server, but if you are watching a freesat channel unencrypted, no requests are going to the server so it will start sending keepalive requests, and too many of them.
I also had a problem with sky sports channels after the pub and Irish channels were disabled.  The UK channels weren't working on my box for technical reasons (too strong a signal which needed atenuating) and this was generating a large number of requests which I was warned about.
Anyway, if you wan't to keep a clean sheet and avoid warnings my advice is a) turn off the backup server and b) turn off the main server if you are not watching an encrypted channel.
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