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Get connected to 2 servers at a time!
To increase CS quality, reliability and stability, an ability to connect to two physically different servers has been introduced by our staff. Currently, there is no need to change server in case of problems. Since now, you will be able to connect to 2 servers at once (not available for Dual Login).
One of the servers is always the main server; the other one is reserve protected against DDoS attacks. In case of technical problems in datacenter, DDoS attack, etc. with one of the servers, your receiver will automatically switch to the other server (without picture freeze). Probability of CS failures will, thus, approach zero. The servers are located in various countries, various datacenters and are connected to various internet hosts. This gives 99.99% of assurance that one of the servers is always accessible. Therefore, you will never experience a break-down when watching your favorite TV-channel. Ready configs for the both servers for various emulator types have been already generated and can be found in "My subscription" section of the billing. All you need is only replace old configs from your receiver with the ones available in the billing. We'll repeat - replace old configs, not to add new configs to the old ones!!!

Connection to 2 servers at once is not available for users with "Dual Login" active option due to complexity of processing and transfer between servers

Please be also noted that it is not recommended to replace domain name (for example, server7.com) with IP address. In case if we (for any reason) will have to change IP address of the server, those users who added IP address instead of domain name will see black screen. Those clients using domain name (host) provided in configs will not even notice IP change. Add IP address only if your receiver does not support domain names (for example, server7.com)

Warning for "sly" clients, who has a thought about how to deceive the system and "tie" 2 receivers per 1 account, thus saving money. We would like to warn the "sly" clients - you will fail. You will just loose your time, account with subscription and money on your balance. All servers exchange data on connections and TV-channels watched with each other in real time. All has been tested. You will fail to deceive the server. 

To avoid "misunderstanding" from your side and, as a result, disabling account for rules violation, please remember them once again:
1) Conncetion per 1 account is allowed only using one receiver. 
1 account - 1 receiver.
It is not allowed to share 2 servers between 2 receivers. It is not allowed to connect to some ports using one receiver and another ports - using the other receiver. It is not allowed to send more than 1 request for decoding per 10 seconds, 360 - per 1 hour, and 8640 requests - per 1 day. Penalty for violation is BAN without a possibility to restore your account and any compensation.

2) Connection shall be made from the only IP address only.
It is not allowed to use receiver "in the office" and "at home", in the "hall" and "bedroom" by turns even if you always switch off one of them and the both receivers never connect to the server at once. If simultaneous connection to the server(s) from various IP addresses will be recorded, account will be banned without a possibility to restore and any compensation.

3) It is allowed to watch only 1 TV-channel at a time.
It is not allowed to use picture-in-picture option, to record one and simultaneously watch the other TV-channel, options of time-shift or delayed decoding. If sending various requests will be recorded per a certain interval, including those to different servers, account will be banned for violation. It is not allowed to send more than 1 request for decoding per 10 seconds, 360 - per 1 hour, and 8640 requests - per 1 day.
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