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Автор Тема: I sent e-mail to the Moderator. No response.  (Прочитано 5428 раз)


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I sent e-mail to the Moderator. No response.
« : 25 Августа 2006, 12:18:26 »
Don’t worry, you will receive reply later.
Sometimes, it takes a few minutes to reply, sometimes - a few hours (maybe, day-two, due to weekend).
There is a lot of work to be done and sometimes it happens that the reply delays. There never was a case when the e-mail or private message was not replied. It is not always possible physically to answer all questions received by the Moderator (especially at the end of the month). Don’t worry if you didn’t receive an answer in an hour. You will get the reply within the nearest hours for sure.
If you have other questions, the first thing to do is reading carefully forum and you will find the reply to your question among the other similar questions.