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To start with
« : 11 Сентября 2008, 14:16:59 »
So, you are now registered user of our server!

What is next?

+ You'll have to register in the billing system (http://cardsharingserver.com/) with the same login and password you are using to enter the forum.

+ In the billing system you will find the price-list and the section "Purchase packages). Usually, the section "Purchase packages" contains up-to-date information regarding the packages available. Consult the price-list only for the CAIDs and IDENTs used by different providers. NOTE: If you cannot see the price in the column opposite the package selected, it means that the package cannot be purchased individually or it is included in any of the VIP packages as a free bonus and comes without 100% guarantee.

+ Specify the details regarding payment, since our server accepts Webmoney, PayPal and some other alternative methods. Read corresponding topics about the payment and alternative methods of payment. Generally, online exchange service is used to convert your local currency to Webmoney.

+ Before buying any subscription, it is recommended that you'll take a free test or 3-days paid test first.
You will have to pay for the test according to the server's rules.
During the test, you will check if the package selected is working properly with your equipment or not and which channels are included in the package(s) in order not to ask in the future that some channels are not working at all or not working properly and why. Please be noted that this is not a support forum of your receiver and we do not give any particular adjustments for any particular receivers as there is hundreds and thousands of them. We just provide you with sharing settings, configuration files using general instructions.

+ Be sure that your equipment (receiver or DVB card) supports cardsharing (SD and HD channels) and all plug-ins required are installed. If you do not have plug-ins or emulators required, please refer to the "Hardware" section of the forum (http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?board=34.0).
Also, get the information regarding the firmware of your receiver and download the latest firmware if any.

+ If you are sure that everything is ready for sharing, take 3-days test.

+ If you are satisfied with the test results, you can procede with purchasing of the packages.

+ If you have any questions regarding our service, don't hesitate to contact either any of the moderators available or e-mail to the Moderator of the forum (Moderator's e-mail is available, refer to the corresponding topic).



You have entered the billing system (www.cardsharingserver.com) for the first time. You don't know yet how to start.
1. First of all, you have to select the channels (packages) for subscription. Find Purchase subscription(s) button from the left menu and study the price list offerred. For example, you want to make subscription for Sky UK

From the drop down menu, one may select the period for subscription - 3 days test, 1 month, 2 months, etc. and protocol available for subscription - camd3 or newcamd (please note that newcamd is by default).
The price is specified near the period selected. It means that you have to deposit this amount to your balance in the billing.

2. Now, in order to deposit, you need to use the following methods of payment - Webmoney, SpryPay (various methods) or PayPal. Click DEPOSIT button and you will be redirected to the page with the payment methods available

All steps of depositing are automatic and you will be redirected to the corresponding payment system you just selected.

3. After your financial operations are completed and successfull and you have a confirmation from the corresponding payment system, reload your billing page and check if your balance has been deposited.

4. After depositing to your balance, go to Purchase subscription(s) item of the menu, select the package you want and check it (from the left). Select the period you need and sharing protocol. Scroll down the page and click Purchase button.
5. Then, go to My subscription (to the left of Menu) and you will see the table with your details. Under the table, select the type of your receiver and click "SHOW\HIDE" the settings. You will see the settings that you need to add to your recever.

Please read the rules thoroughly!
If you are a new user and just registered to the forum and billing, you subscription will start during the nearest hour. If you have already been subscribed to any packages before, it will start next morning at 6:00 AM (Moscow time).
Also read news of the billing - what is allowed and what is not.

You fill find all details of your subscription in the billing (www.cardsharingserver.com), My subscription(s) (menu to the left). It is in the form of table. Under the table, you will see settings for various emulators. Click "Show/hide" and you will see items of sub-menu with their server No., Port No. etc.

Even below, you will see server data and additional details where all sub-packages are listed with the ports assigned.

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