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1. Dual-login is an option allowing you to watch one channel and record other channel at the same time.
2. It is used with receivers with 2 tuners onboard (please don't mix it with 2 stand alone receivers).
3. To activate dual-login option, enter the billing (, select Personal information to the left of the menu, and mark Dual-login option (on/off)

4. Please remember that price for dual-login is 50% higher than the price for a single subscription.
5. You cannot activate the option of dual-login if you have any active subscription. You have to wait until your subscription is finished and acivate the dual-login login option before buying the new subscription.
6. If you are reseller with a single login and your client has dual-login, you cannot handle him as you must have dual-login too.
Reseller (dual login) ---> Client (dual-login)
Reseller (single login) ---> Client (single login)
7. If you want to cancel your current subscription (without dual-login) and purchase dual-login, you need to send e-mail to the Moderator (moderator at with request to refund. The remaining money will be deposited to your balance and subscription cancelled. You will be able to purchase dual-login.


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