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Название: Banned IP
Отправлено: psychocowboy от 11 Апреля 2020, 19:27:31
Hello there. I have a question - how is possible that i am getting ban if i have only one reciever? I understand that i am not under static IP but last year and half was everything okay and last months i am getting banned every week. What i can do to avoid this situation? Please help.  :'(
Название: Re: Banned IP
Отправлено: suma от 12 Апреля 2020, 03:22:19
Hi, how did you know that you have ban? Did you receive any message or notification that you've got ban?
At least, enter the billing (www.cardsharingserver.com) and check your connections history.
You will see that you are not connected to the server.
Check your internet connection, check if emulator is running and active.
Check connection of your receiver with Internet. Be sure that connecting cables are OK.