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Название: 2 Receiver and one Account Question!
Отправлено: marcoxx от 23 Июля 2019, 17:42:23
Hello, i have two SAT Receiver, one in Germany one in Spain, and i can use only one at the same time when i am into this country. Is it possible to use 1 CS Account on both receiver (emulator+modell is the same on both) when i turn OFF or Standyby the one i not need? I see there r rules problem:  "

Connections from different countries detected. Be noted that it is a major violation of the rules resulting in account ban. Probably, your receiver has been hacked and your login is used by abuser. In this case, you need to urgently contact Administration. Violation of rule No.9"

Can you tell me i get a problem? :-) thx Marco

I ask for a friend..... he ask me!