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Название: what if my IP will change?
Отправлено: szarikrus от 17 Июля 2018, 14:25:37
Hi I would like to change my internet provider soon, probably my IP will change, what then? ???
Название: Re: what if my IP will change?
Отправлено: suma от 17 Июля 2018, 16:12:47
When you change your internet provider, disconnect receiver from the server, unplug it completely. After IP is changed, plug in your receiver again. That's all
Server identifies you by your login-password. BUT, if your IP is changing DURING TV watch, of course, it's a ban.
Название: Re: what if my IP will change?
Отправлено: Jogi от 17 Июля 2018, 18:05:58
I really doubt this, or I am the only german customer ?
Perhaps not the only one, but a customer with cable internet - where you keep your IP address for about 6 month (or you have a contract with fixed IP).
At least for Germany a usual private DSL contract of any provider disconnect/reconnect you every 24 hours. And (without an expensive business contract) you ALWAYS get a different IP-address assigned. As I have friends with a typical private DSL connection I am sure that it is no problem to get a new IP during watching (picture freeze during reconnection of course - no internet = no decoding), its not even shown as error/rule-violation in the connections history but lists the IP-address you have had at this day. Also happens from time to time that DSL connection quits/router resets or something like this during watching: no problem in connection history shown.
But if you switch you emulator (Mgcamd to Oscam, or CCcam) directly the first time you get a notification about rule violation and using multiple receivers in the history (but don't bother at least in case of one or 2 switches nothing happens to anyone I know) ! you should really fix this :(
But by my knowledge the server recognize the country you connect from. So if you have a VPN connection (not allowed at all, never understand the reason why) to a different state and switch it to your home state or any other one, this is also a rule violation (and I don't know how strict this is handled).