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Автор Тема: Dreambox 500S+Mgcamd 1.31=BUG->CASCADING->BAN!  (Прочитано 7493 раз)


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Dreambox 500S+Mgcamd 1.31=BUG->CASCADING->BAN!
« : 14 Ноября 2008, 09:15:14 »
At 00:00 on November 16, using Dreambox 500S with mgcamd 1.31 is prohibited. All users violated this decision will be banned without the right to restore their accounts.

All subscribers using Dreamboxes 500S with mgcamd 1.31 EMU are requested NOT TO USE this combination any more since this combination sends 2-3 times more server requests which is considered cascading. Violation of the rules will result in your banning without further restoration of your account.

All users who does not subscribed to NTV+ package are requested to install and run earlier versions - 1.29, 1.30 of emulator causing NO glitch to the server. Those subscribers watching NTV+ provider and cannot use the earlier versions are requested temporarily (until the new version is released) change their protocol to camd3 (with the port No. specified in the billing system).

The deadline for changing your ports to temporary one is established to 23:59 on November, 15.
Those users who ignore this decision will be banned.

Please be noted again that at 00:00 on November, 16, the combination of Dreambox 500S + mgcamd 1.31 is declared out of law!
Please upload earlier EMU versions to your receivers!

P.S.  When connecting to the new port camd3, please do not forget to disconnect from the old one (newcamd) !

Temporary camd3 port (NTV+) specified in the billing system will be valid till 30.11.2008.
Untill this deadline, those users who cannot watch NTV+ package using newcamd protocol have an opportunity of changing the protocol to camd3 free of charge.
You are requested to e-mail at moderator @ cardsharing.cc with the request to change your protocol.
Your request shall include login, password and the date when you are planning to run new protocol (always at 6:00 Moscow time).
Don't forget to disconnect from old port till 5:55 of the previous day.

Sample of mgcamd run using camd3 protocol

add to /var/keys/camd3.servers  the following line

in the mg_cfg file change the parameter G to the value 05 (if you want to use newcamd + camd3) or 04 (only for camd3)
G: { 05 }

VU+Zero. 13E, 82.5E, 56E, Vip All, OpenPLI 6.0 image, OSCam: 1.20-unstable_svn. ALL POSTS WITHOUT SIGNATURE AND LOG-FILE will be ignored and deleted!1.mg_cfg here http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?topic=23717.msg58140#msg58140
2. ignore-priority.lists here http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?topic