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Your account has been blocked...
« : 12 Ноября 2011, 16:21:33 »
You've got a warning message from our server that your account is blocked, scrambled channels stopped be encrypted, and no ping to the server  - it means that your ip address has been blocked by the server for rules violation.
Please do not afraid of this message. It does not mean that you will be subject to penalty and your account will be disabled forever. This is just a warning that you are violating rules and you need to clear out the reason of your block as soon as possible. Of course, if you ignore the warning and do not clear out the problem within several days, your account can be blocked by admin forever without any compensation, etc., but this is extreme case. Because we do not want to disconnect abusers not suspecting of their mistakes, without warning, at first, we inform the client on the problem. Only if it is useless, we have to undertake extreme measures in order the client would not damage the server and other clients.

The message you received contains probable reasons of your block and options of their elimination as well as the period of the blocked account. Below, you will find detailed description of the reasons of your blocking and advices how to resolve the problem(s). When you receive the message from the server, please do not try to change the server No. in the billing system or restart modem to get new IP, it is useless. You need to understand and eliminate the ban reason as soon as possible in order temporary automatic ban could not grow into the permanent ban.
As a first step, you are requested compare the settings specified in the billing with the settings added to your tuner and ensure that they are identical. Later on, have full restart of your receiver (probably, 2 copies of emulator have been run at once).

You will find a description of the most frequent reasons of ban and advices how to eliminate them below.

1) connection to the server without valid subscription (ban for violation - 2 hours)
-subscription has not started yet. You are a new client just purchased your first subscription and connected to the server immediately. Please be noted that the first subscription for new clients will be active not in 3-5 minutes, but during each full hour. Example: you purchased subscription at 17:15, it will be active at 18:00. I.е. after purchasing, you need to wait for 45 minutes before adding data to your receiver. If you have not done this and have connected earlier, your IP will be blocked for 2 hours. In 2 hours, the blocking will be removed automatically and you will be able to connect to the server. Do nothing, just wait until you are unblocked and restart your receiver or emulator in 2 hours, if your receiver does not start decoding by itself.
- subscription has not started yet or already finished You are a client who once purchased at least one subscription before. In this case, you can be blocked because one of your subscriptions has finished and you forgot to prolong it in time, or you purchased new subscription and tried connecting the server using new data immediately after purchase without waiting till 6:00 (Moscow tine) of next morning. Please be noted that new subscriptions will be active not within each full hour for the users already purchased any subscription in the past, but once per day at 6:00AM (Moscow time). If you purchased new subscription and were blocked, remove new data added to receiver and wait until the next day, or just disconnect your receiver from internet until the monring. If any of your subscriptions is finished and you do not want to prolong it any more, just remove old settings from the receiver, compare them to the settings in the billing, restart receiver and wait for maximum 2 hours when the block will be removed.
- connection to the wrong port not specified in "My subscription" section of the billing. Please compare the data from your receiver to the data from the billing. Ensure that your receiver is not connecting the port you are not subscribed to.
- login error. Extra space, wrong register of letters (capital, small). Compare the data added to the receiver to the data specified in the billing. The best option is to delete all settings and add them again.
- connection to wrong server. Please be noted that after you changed server in the billing (if you have not read warning immediately after you changed the server), subscription for new server wil be active not in 3 or 5 minutes, but within each full hour. I.е. don't be connected to the new server immediately. For example, if you changed the server at 12:03, you may connect in 57 minutes (at 13:00). After you changed the server, you may connect to the old server before it is rebooted, i.e. until the nearest 6:00 AM (Moscow time). Briefly speaking, after you changed server in the billing, you have to change the server name in emulator settings and restart emulator not earlier than an hour but not later than 6 AM in the morning. After an hour since the server has been changed, you may connect both servers (old and new), but not simultaneously. Settings shall be changed, without adding the new ones. Connection to the old server after it has been changed in the billing is severe violation of the rules. As has been specified above, IP address will be blocked for 2 hours. If you were blocked, please check emulator settings, be sure that you are connecting the right ports and right server, wait for 2 hours and everything will work again. Don't change server, stay cool, simply wait when the block is removed. If in 2 hours you see the picture on your TV for 10 minutes and stopped again, read this again from the beginning!

2) frequent reconnections to the server (limit is 5 reconnections per 5 minutes, ban for violation is 10 minutes)
Autonatic system of protection against DDOS attacks is installed on the server. Limit of connections to any port is 5 connections per 5 minutes. If the connection limit is exceeded, ip will be blocked for 10 minutes.
If you are blocked for reconnections, you have to find the reason of disconnection (reconnections) and eliminate it. The most frequent reasons of disconnection are as follows:
- connection to 1 account using more than 1 tuner. Be sure that settings are added only to 1 tuner. IP address specified in the warning message will help you to know from where the connection is done. You can see your ip from www.myip.ru
If ip specified in the message is not yours, probably your account has been stolen, because you have not changed factory password in the receiver, receiver is not behind the router, or you posted your settings on any forum by yourself. Stop emulator, wait for 10 minutes, run it again and look through the emulator log-file if there are reconnections to the server for each 2-3 seconds. If so, everything is bad, and your account is used for other receiver, search for and clear up the things...
- more than 1 copy of emulator is run in the receiver. Script of emulator restart has glitched by running a new copy of emulator without stopping the old one. Typically, it happens by fault of the owner who restarts emulator again without waiting for full script completion (15 sec). It also may happen, if you run a new copy of emulator manually via telnet without the copy run by a script being stopped. The most efficient solution of the problem is full restart of receiver.
- understated DW response timeout from server (< 7 seconds) in emulator settings. If response timeout is understated and there is no response from the server in the time established, after several failed attempts to receive DW, emulator breaks connection and connects to the server again. In mgcamd emulator, K: { 07 } parameter is responsible for DW timeout in mg_cfg file. Recommended value is 07. Check your settings, edit them and restart emulator.
- understated number of failured attempts to decode CW or response time for decoding in emulator settings. These parameters force emulator reconnecting the server, if server response has not been received within Х seconds, or Х requests of CW. If parameters are understated, for instance CW - 3, аnd time - 30, emulator will (in case of wrong decoding) reconnect to the server each 3 requests or each 30 seconds. For example, swithcing the channel which cannot be decoded ON, emulator will wait for 30 seconds and will reconnect, in 30 seconds- again ...  finally, after 5 reconnections (2,5 minutes), the limit of reconnections will be exceeded and ip blocked for 10 minutes. Don't allow emulator reconnecting too frequently. In mgcamd emulator, N: { 07 } 360 3600 is responsible for those parameters, where 360 - number of requests before reconnection and 3600 - number of seconds before reconnection. Recommended value is N: { 07 } 360 3600. Check your configuration, edit it and restart emulator.
- connection to the wrong port not specified in the billing ("My subscription" section)
- login error Extra space, wrong capitalization (capital, small)

3) cascading - increased number of requests for decoding (limit is 360 requests per 1 hour, ban for violation is 10 minutes)
If you were banned for cascading, it means that your tuner sends requests to the server more frequently than it is allowed. Please be noted that it is allowed to watch and record simultaneously only 1 channel per 1 account. Ban is given by the following reasons:
- PIP option is used Picture-in-Picture. Requests are being sent to the server more frequently by 2 times. Please don't use this option and second tuner in the receiver (if any) or make Dual Login option active via the billing. The price will increase by 50%. Please be noted that Dual Login is an option used rather for one receiver with 2 tuners onboard, than for 2 separate receivers.
- an option of postponed decryption is used. Requests to the server are being sent more frequently by 2-3 times. Please don't use this option and second tuner of your receiver (if any) or make Dual Login option active via the billing. In this case, price will increase by 50%.  Be noted that Dual Login is the option used for one receiver with 2 built-in tuners, rather than for 2 separate receivers.
- access is being shared for more than 1 receiver (resharing). It is strictly prohibited to share one account for 2 and more receivers. Requests can be sent from 1 receiver to 1 account only!
- too frequent channel zapping. Stand up from the remote (if you sat on it), or be taught to zap channels. If you need to zap from Cannel 1 to Channel 100, don't press the button 99 times, make all channels be displayed and select the one you need, choose the channel you need and confirm by pressing OK.
- understated timeout of DW waiting from the server (< 7 seconds) in emulator settings. If standby parameter is understated and response from the server has not come within the time established, emulator sends request for decoding again within waiting until the server respond. In mgcamd emulator, parameter K: { 07 } is responsible for DW timeout in mg_cfg file. Recommended value is 07. Check your settings, edit and restart emulator.

4) packages with damaged ECM structures sent to the server. (limit is 10 requests per 10 minutes, ban for violation - 10 minutes)
Packages with damaged ECM structure - are fragments of full ECM package (CW) received by the server being damaged on teh way to server, or they are initially damaged by the receiver. These fragments being caught by smart cards can damage the cards. This is the reason why server blocks the accounts sending them.
In 90% of cases, the reason is bad internet connection. The package is being destroyed on the way of its transmission (route), or being sent by receiver with the uplink being overloaded (outgoing traffic). Typically, the traffic is "eaten" by P2P clients (torrents, etc.). To resolve this problem, you need to disconnect all software which uses outgoing traffic, check thr route to the server for losses using traceroute command, try other internet provider. If this is helpless, flash your receiver again using newer or older firmware with ECM package being built correctly (update emulator with newer one).

5) connection using wrong DES key (limit - 10 requests per 10 minutes, ban for violation - 10 minutes)
DES key is standard - 0102030405060708091011121314. If your account was blocked because of this type of violation, you have an error in the key. Check and correct, either the package integrity was damaged during transmission, then the problem is in internet quality. Try to connect using other internet provider, disable all software "eating" outgoing traffic.

6) connection with wrong password (limit - 2 requests per 10 minutes, ban for violation - 10 minutes)
Be sure that there is no extra space in password, correct capitalization is used (capital, small). Please compare data in your receiver to the data specified in the billing. It would be better to delete all settings and add them again.

You will find configuration files of MGCAMD emulator recommended by our server here

P.S. Server sends warning on rules violation to e-mail at least 1 time per day in order not to send spam. You can check actual state of your account (got banned or not, period and reason) on the billing homepage after you passed authorization.
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