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« : 31 Августа 2014, 15:01:07 »
Server RULES

Account will be disabled for the following rules violation:

1) connecting server without valid subscription  - penalty for violation - 5$
- subscription has finished. In case your subscription has finished, you have to disconnect from the server and remove the data you were provided with when purchasing subscription and reboot receiver. It is not allowed to connect the server without valid subscription.
- connecting to the wrong port. It is allowed to connect to the paid ports specified in the billing. If you had more than one subscription and you do not want to extend one of them, you have to delete settings of the subscription from your receiver and reboot it not later than in the day of the subscription end.
- connecting to the wrong server.  It is allowed to connect to the host (ip address) of the server specified in the billing (My subscriptionsection). If server has been changed in the billing, it is required to make changes in the receiver settings within 5 minutes and reboot it. It is allowed to change server 3 times per month. Changes are activated immediately.

2) Frequent reconnection to the server (limit is 5 reconnections per 5 minutes, ban for violation - 10 minutes)  - penalty for violation - 5$
Automatic anti-DDOS system is installed on the server. Limit of connections to any port - 5 connections per 5 minutes. If the limit is exceeded, ip will be blocked for 10 minutes. If you are blocked by the server for reconnections, you need to find out the reason for broken connection (reconnection) and eliminate it.  The most frequent reasons for broken connection between the receiver and the server are as follows:
- more than one emulator copy is launched in your receiver . Emulator restart script has glitched launching one more copy of the emulator without termination of the previous one. Usually the reason for this is the receiver owner himself who, without waiting when the script is fully worked over (15 seconds), launches emulator one more time. It may also happen if you launched a new copy of emulator manually using telnet without termination of the copy launched by the script. The easiest solution of the issue is to reboot receiver.
- understated timeout to listen to DW from the server (< 7 seconds) in emulator settings. If the parameter is understated and response from the server has not been received within the established time, emulator will break connection and connects to the server again after several unsuccessfull attempts to receive DW. In the mgcamd emulator, K parameter is responsible for DW timeout: { 07 } in mg_cfg file. Recommended value is 07. Check your settings, edit them and restart emulator.
- understated number of unsuccessful attempts for decoding of CW or expect time for decoding in emulator settings. The above parameters force the emulator to reconnect to the server if response from the server has not been received within X seconds or X number of CW queries. If the parameters are undertstated, for example, CW - 3 and time - 30, therefore, emulator will reconnect to the server each 3 requests or each 30 seconds in case of unsuccessfull decoding. For example, by zapping the channel that cannot be decoded, emulator will wait for 30 seconds and will reconnect, in 30 seconds - again, etc.  as a result, after 5 reconnections (2.5 minutes), the limit for reconnections will be exceeded and ip will be blocked for 10 minutes. Emulator cannot be allowed to reconnect so frequently. In mgcamd emulator, N line is responsible for those parameters: { 07 } 360 3600  , where 360 - the number of queries before reconnection and 3600 - the nu,ber of seconds before reconnection. Recommended N value: { 07 } 360 3600. Check your settings, edit them and restart emulator.
- login, password or DES key error Excess space, wrong letter register (capital, small), using Cyrillic letters in login and password - all these are result of inattention that leads to unsuccessfull connection to the server, and as a consequence, constant reconnections that negatively influence the server work. Please be extremely attentive when adding settings to your receiver and re-check all settings 2-3 times. In order not to do an error, copy ready-made lines from the billing (My subscription sub-menu).  Please also remember that changing the password to enter the billing, the password for all subscriptions will also be changed. After you changed the password in the billing, you need to make changes to your receiver settings within 5 minutes and reboot it. Password change on the server is immediate.

3) sending packages with broken ECM structure to the server. - penalty for violation - 5$
- broken ECM queries Packages with broken ECM structures, these are ECM queries (CW) with some bites corrupted. Such queries being sent to a smart-card, are overloading the cards. They also may damage them forever, the cards may freeze, etc.  In 90% of cases, the reason is a bad signal from satellite when a picture starts falling to pieces. In 10% of cases, the reason is in bad unstable internet connection. The packages are broken with their integrity being destroyed.  The reason can be in unstable wifi connection, in overloaded uplink (upstream traffic) typically "eaten" by P2P clients (torrents, etc.). To solve the problem, it is required to disable the software using upstream traffic, check the route to the server for losses available using traceroute command, try to use other internet provider service. In case of a problem with signal reception, it is recommended to use a dish of the larger diameter or retune the dish available damaged by, for example, a strong wind.

4) cascading - an increased number of queries for decoding (limit - 1 query per 10 seconds, 360 queries per 1 hour, 8640 queries per 24 hours)  For cascading, account will be terminated without possibility of restoration and without any compensation. Cascading is being equal to a theft. Please be noted that for 1 account, it is allowed to watch and record only 1 channel at a time. The following are the reasons for blocking account:
- connection of 2 and more receivers per 1 account Per 1 account, it is allowed to connect only 1 receiver. It is not allowed to make settings for 2 receivers even if you want to use them one after another. All purchased subscriptions shall be used only for one receiver. Connection shall be using only one emulator and from the only IP address. Breaker will be banned forever with all his subscriptions and balance terminated.
- use of PIP option picture in picture. Queries to the server are being sent 2 times faster. Don't use this option and the second tuner in your receiver (if any), or enable Dual-login option in the billing. The price will be increased by 50%. Please remember that Dual Login is the option for 1 receiver with 2 tuners onboard, not for 2 individual receivers.  Without active Dual Login, it is allowed to send 1 query each 10 seconds (maximum of 8640 queries per day). With the Dual Login being active, the amount is doubled and it is allowed to send 2 queries each 10 seconds (maximum of 17280 queries per day)
- delayed decoding It is strictly prohibited to use delayed decoding for our server (telecast records decoding). With such decoding, queries are being sent to the server 30 times faster than during general viewing resulting in cards overload.
- access is re-shared for more than 1 receiver (resharing). It is strictly prohibited re-share a single account for two or more receivers. Queries from the only receiver can be sent per 1 account!  1 query each 10 seconds (maximum 8640 queries per day)
- understated timeout to listen to DW from the server (< 7 seconds) in emulator settings. In case that listen parameter is understated and response has not been received from the server in the time established, emulator will send a query for decoding again without listening to the server response. In mgcamd emulator, K parameter is responsible for DW timeout: { 07 } in mg_cfg file. Recommended value is 07. Check your settings, edit them and restart emulator. 7000ms -right parameter. If you set timeout parameter as 100ms, the number of queries sent to the server will exceed the required one by 10-20 times.

You will find configuration files recommended by our server for MGCAMD emulator here

P.S. You will find out an actual status of your account (banned or not and the reason) on the homepage of the billing after authorization.
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