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BILLING - detailed description
« : 13 Декабря 2006, 08:29:48 »
Dear users,

Beginning from November 25, 2006 the payment and prolongation of the subscription period will be implemented using billing automated system introduced at www.cardsharingserver.com ONLY.

- payments to the old purse Nos. are not accepted any more;
- direct payments from purse to purse using Webmoney are not allowed;
- no need to send the payment confirmation any more;
test login will be valid for 3 (THREE) days, you can get it via billing as well (1 EURO).

Those users who registered on the forum using login containing symbols, have to re-register with their new nicks complying with the billing requirements in order to not loose access to the hidden sections of the forum.

please specify your valid e-mail address which will be used for contact in case of questions or problems arised.

1) Online deposition is possible using the following options:
   a) payment made from Webmoney Transfer system using Webmoney Keeper Classic & Webmoney Keeper Lite (www.webmoney.ru). Please be noted that direct payments from purse to purse using Webmoney are not allowed, only via the billing system!
   b) payment using Paymer system check. Money transfer to the Paymer system is possible using credit cards & E-gold (www.paymer.com)
   c) payment using Webmoney prepaid card which can be purchased in every large city
   d) Payment made from your mobile phone using Telepat system (www.telepat.ru) and E-num system (www.e-num.ru)
   e) Payment using SMS message is currently in the experimental stage.

Money remittance requires physical presence of the Moderator, therefore please keep your eye at the news. If, for example, the Moderator is not available, it means that nobody will process your payment. RuPay payments are processed 1 time per day, usually late at night.
   b) payment using Moneybookers and PayPal systems
In order to deposit using Moneybookers and Paypal you need to be registered in the billing system with your pemporary password 12345. After the registration is complete, you have to contact our assistant credo123 (http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?board=27.0). You are to inform him about your login, temporary password and amount you wish to transfer for deposition. You will receive the instructions on your subsequent steps. After you successfully perform all the instructions received from credo123, you'll have to change your password in the billing system and start purchasing things.
This way is not the easiest, it is not cheap and is not the fastest one. It was created following the users' requests. Therefore, complaints will not be accepted. Please, be ready that this way will take your time.

If you have, or want to have several accounts, for example, for the 2nd receiver in another room, or for your friend, you are to be registered in the billing systen as many times how many subscriptions you want to have. For this purpose it is not necessary to be registered several times in the forum. It will be sufficient to add prefix (numerical) to your login. I.E. the second and subsequent logins will end with a digit (MYLOGIN1, MYLOGIN2 etc.).
In case you are going to have several accounts, please don't save your passwords in your browser, otherwise you will always be redirected to your 1st login and to the same account. If you saved your password, please remove (clean) cookies of the Internet Explorer, close an active window, then open it once again and enter the billing system again.

Due to the frequent mistakes made by users during the performance of the billing operations (mainly, due to time pressure or inattention) the PENALTIES are introduced from November 27, 2006. Since the changes made in the databese takes time, and more and more mistakes occur, we were forced to undertake these measure. Administrators have to ckeck database for several hours a day, correcting your mistakes and fulfilling your requests. So, the penalty in 1WMZ (will be written off your account) is introduced in order to prevent the users from the future mistakes. This amount (1WMZ) will be written off your account if the Administration considers the mistake occurred due to the user's fault.
Please, send your requests, complaints etc. to moderator (@) cardsharing.cc
In case if the amount in your account for debiting is insufficient, NO requests will be processed.
Please, note that the subscription ALWAYS begins from 6 AM (Moscow time) of the next day.
Also note, that all changes made in your subscription (changing your login-passwords, changing packages) will come into force after 6 AM (Moscow time) of the next day your subscription shall start.