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Started by suma, 15 March 2016, 06:50:28

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For those users who does not know where to post, what to post and how to post

You are on the forum (www.cardsharing.cc), you have a question and you don't know where to post it. Let us review the forum structure to make your efforts easier.
1) Forum has rather simple structure. It consists of the two sections: Russian forum (for Russian speaking users) and English forum (for English speaking users). All headings of the forum are on Russian by default. To switch from the Russian language, you need just to select the icon with your native language and click it

2) Then, you will see CardSharing Server (Russian sub-forum) and CardSharing Server ENG (English sub-forum). Just click "+" to expand the English sub-forum and you will see all threads of the English sub-forum.

3) Threads are grouped by common interests, subject matter

4) One of the most important threads is News and Announcements. It has a topic called BREAKING NEWS. Visit it and read it more frequently than other threads as it contains the most recent and important information.

5) When you click BREAKING NEWS (or any other thread), you will see all messages (posts) contained inside. You may set the order of the posts display (the most recent posts or the oldest posts are at the beginning, etc. in the forum settings). Each post is dated and you will see the date and time of the post.

6) To return to the home page of the forum, just click HOME icon

7) To see the most recent posts on the forum, just scroll down the home page where you will see the most recent posts. This information contains the post title, user nickname, date, and thread where it was posted

8) To view the very last (recent) posts of the forum, scroll even down the home page. I recommend to start reading the forum particularly from this (View the most recent posts of the forum), as it contains 10 pages of the recent messages.

9) By clicking "The most recent posts of the forum", you will see all latest messages posted on the forum. Each post contains information- when, where, etc. it was posted

10) Each post can be replied, quoted, amended (modified or edited) if necessary.

P.S. Every user is requested to complete his signature. In order to avoid unnecessary questions like: What is your receiver? What is your emulator? etc., please complete your signature ONCE and you will avoid repeating questions again and again

Hope, this tutorial will help you a bit in studying our forum.
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