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openbox s11 + channel list on VIP Poland package

Started by xaarx, 01 January 2013, 19:20:24

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I have just set up my box for VIP Poland package according to instructions in my subscription section. I have tested the services and it looks like it is working perfectly...

The only annoying thing is that channel list contains over 1500 channels (sometimes one channel is appearing 4 times - It is understandable as they belong to different providers) to be honest it is frustrating to filter them all using remote.

Is there any way I Can upload ready channel list just for VIP Poland package, or any kind of ch. list editor that I can use with my S11 box or do I have to do it manually every time I scan the satellite?




I got a question about VIP POLAND channels . How did you upload the new files onto your account ? I got the problems that I got all chanels like CINEMAX , HBO , Polsat but my CANAL+ chanells dosent work .
Do you know how to do it ?
Can you advise please