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Название: problems to understand BAN-Mail
Отправлено: Jogi от 19 Января 2013, 16:32:25
One of "my clients" (Account DanielA, server 2) got a ban mail last monday for cascading (10 minutes, Start of disability: 2013-01-14 20:40:00 CET)
My friend is aware, that he should only switch channels all ~9 seconds or slower to avoid a ban but he also told me, that he has a very unstable internet connection during the last days and the router might reconnect frequently - but this should result in another reason, regarding the "You have been banned.." posting http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?topic=28490.new it should be "2) frequent reconnections to the server"

However and lets say he might switch channels to frequently (he uses the server for 1 year now and first ban of 10 minutes...he can live with that), its hard to explain the reason to my client with the information you provide *g*
You claim that the limit is 360 decoding requests within an hour.
At least the german channels from Sky Deutschland and HD+ changes the CW every 7-8 seconds = lets say only 7 decoding requests within a minute = 420 within an hour (and mostlikly if you really count the requests it should be around 500-520/hour) - and thats the minimum without even switching channels once :-))

Perhaps consider updating the ban mails for cascading *g* and I would also like to know the real limit for decoding requests per hour (I have had no problems yet even switching channels frequently but waiting at least for 8-9 seconds before switching of course)
Название: Re: problems to understand BAN-Mail
Отправлено: suma от 19 Января 2013, 18:12:17
Yes, your client is right - average time to zap between channels is 9-10 sec.
The time is calculated considering average response time from the card (time when a new key arrives). The most providers send the key once per 10 seconds. But there are certain providers (SkyDe, for example) sending the key each 7-8 seconds.
Server is adjusted so that to ban automatically if any violation is detected. But it does not mean that the user is banned forever. Server sends  a warning message, thus giving time to the user to find out and adjust the problem, if any. If the user is ignoring the warning messages, server will give him a permanent ban.