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В теме вопроса написано. Читайте внимательнее.
Все верно.
Не работает.

Не работает - ЧТО?
Я тоже из Питера, сейчас делаю ремонт и сразу хочу проложить кабель до тарелки (буду ставить 90 см).
Правильно я понимаю, что НТВ+ (нужен самый полный пакет с HD) надо будет настраивать на спутник EUTELSAT 36 ? У меня окна выходят на юг, этот вариант мне подходит лучше всего как я понял.
Не работает.
Оборудование (Hardware) / Re: Затыки
« Последний ответ от xtruex Вчера в 19:09:11 »
Софт на Enigma 2 пробуй
Оборудование (Hardware) / Re: Затыки
« Последний ответ от Alexaev Вчера в 18:11:37 »
Насколько я помню PGI были стабильные
я и не говорю, что не стабильное ПО, поэтому и интересуюсь в чем может быть проблема
Emulators&Plugins (discussion) / Re: Tips for Oscam - small note
« Последний ответ от suma Вчера в 17:57:14 »
Hello, Jogi,
I appreciate your help, and I unblocked the topic. You may add anything you think that will help other users to understand Oscam and use it properly. You may add your post there too.
Thank you again.
Emulators&Plugins (discussion) / Tips for Oscam - small note
« Последний ответ от Jogi Вчера в 15:09:56 »
Hello suma, good idea to make a manual with basic settings how to use Oscam.
May I add some notes :)
oscam.provid, oscam.srvid(2) and also oscam.tiers are only used locally to identify and display Providers (PayTV name) and Services (channel names) in Oscam webinterface or monitor. Basically this files do not affect decoding, but on large files (slow receivers) they might lead to freezers and rule violation (delayed decoding). So basically to setup Oscam the 1st time: remove this files (and perhaps add them later). Newer versions of Oscam are capable to read Provider and Service-ID from transponder-stream and also optional store detections. This option is not working very well on many receivers, so you should check oscam.conf file, if you have an entry "read_sdt" and "write_sdt_prov": set the parameter to "= 0" (or remove the lines completely what has the same effect as 0 is default value).

oscam.conf, oscam.user and oscam.server are the required files for decoding, while only oscam.conf is required to run oscam at all. With oscam binary and oscam.conf the emulator should at least start and status and configuration should be accessible via webinterface using URL http://box-ip:8888. Otherwise see oscam.conf if there is a section [webif] with personal settings (especially httpport and httpallowed might block connection on default port 8888).

the location of Oscam configuration files depends on the box (operating system) and might be /etc, /usr/etc, /var/keys - or anywhere else *g*. If you have installed Oscam via a configuration tool (what should also install at least an oscam.conf-file) search your box for file oscam.conf or oscam.*
The optional files oscam.services, oscam.dvbapi and oscam.whitelist might interfere with decoding - if you have not setup this files on purpose for this cs-server remove them (settings you got from different cs-server most likely not fit for this server and the cards used here). Without this files Oscam uses default settings what should work on any channel. The oscam.services needed to be activated for a (cs-)reader or a username to be loaded, while oscam.whitelist and oscam.dvbapi are used if the files are available (and if you are using dvbapi-mode on your satellite-receiver as usually done, see Oscam-webinterface > Configuration > DVBApi. By Oscam defaults dvbapi-mode is not enabled).

For information about the Oscam parameters available go to http://www.streamboard.tv/wiki/Hauptseite > select language and see what parameters can be made in the configuration files. As mentioned: oscam.conf, oscam.user and oscam.server are required for decoding while the content of oscam.server can be downloaded from the Billing center > My subscription > Show settings for newcamd protocol > Settings for emulator Oscam. Additional parameters are only optional and not required in oscam.services - so simply copy the box and past the content to your oscam.servers.
Setting up Oscam the first time simply use the parameters that are marked as "parameter is required" on Oscam-wiki website. Additional files like oscam.dvbapi and/or oscam.services which can be used to setup priority and ignore lists are only for optimization and not required.

PS: even if decoding works, log into Billing center and make sure you do not find a message of rule violation in the sub menu "Connections history" after some minutes and perhaps again after 1-2 hours.
Emulators&Plugins (discussion) / Tips for OsCam users
« Последний ответ от suma Вчера в 11:34:20 »
Based on the experience of certain users of our server with problems to set up oscam emulator, we've composed a small tutorial how to set up oscam emulator for newcamd protocol. Please don't try to set up oscam for cccam protocol, as they conflict with each other. Be sure to use oscam settings only for newcamd protocol!

If you use OsCam emulator with VU+ or similar receivers (does not matter, one tuner or 2 onboard), find FCC (Fast Channel Change) or FBC option in your firmware (mainly, it relates to VTI image) and disable it!
If it is enabled, it causes sending too many requests to the server, etc., it may also cause picture multiple freezes, no picture at all, etc.
1. Use newcamd protocol for Oscam emulator (www.cardsharingserver.com --> My subscription --> Settings for newcamd protocol --> Settings for Oscam emulator
2. Download Oscam via feed of your receiver's firmware.
3. Check etc\tuxbox\config\oscam\ folder.
4. Initially, there are 5 files in the folder:
5. Be sure to delete the following files:
oscam.provid and oscam.srvid
Only 3 files shall be left in the folder (all with 755 c-mode) (total, 3 files):
6. From www.cardsharingserver.com --> My subscription --> Settings for newcamd protocol --> Settings for Oscam emulator, copy and paste settings to oscam.server file as it is. Must look like this:
label       = "main_cardsharing.cc_XXXXX port"
protocol    = newcamd
key         = 0102030405060708091011121314
device      = servXX.com,XXXXX port
user        = your login
password    = your password
group       = 1
audisabled  = 1
inactivitytimeout = 300
ident     = 0500:042800,042820
As a rule, there are 2 [readers] for one port - one is for main server, the other one is for backup server.
Copy and paste as many [readers], as there are in the billing settings available (depends on how many subscriptions you have).
After all this is done, restart your receiver and enjoy watching TV.
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