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« : 05 Февраля 2013, 10:51:59 »
New firmware, software search and download here and(or) here

Channel search:
- If no 36E satellite, for example, is available in the list of satellites
- Press Green button "ADD"
- "Name" - Any (type using remote control)
- "Longitude" - 036.0 Е
- "LNB Frequency" - 10750
- "DiSEqC1.0" - Disabled (If several dishes or converters are installed, select the one which is required)
- "DiSEqC1.1" - Disabled
- "22К" - Turn-off
- "Polarisation" - H/V
- "Bridge type" - Turn-off
- Press Yellow button "ОК"
- Press 5 and scan channels
You may use blind, automatic or manual search. You will find actual list of transponders here здесь

List of channels edit:
To edit the list of channels, these 2 softwares will be helpful editor and(or) Readme inside

You need to rename your TP_Prog.dbs into TP_Prog.abs, open in this editor selecting User Data Base.
Clicking to transponder in the left section, you will see all channels available from this transponder. Double click-  enter the channel property. You need no to change anything inside, but only assign it the group fav1, fav2 etc. In the list of favorites' group, using + and - buttons, make the order of the channels you need. After you have done everything, save your changes specifying User Data Base.
Don't forget to rename your file into TP_Prog.dbs and upload it to receiver.

Sharing settings:
Register in the billing www.CardsharingServer.com, deposit your account, purchase subscription in Newcamd525 protocol. New login will be active within the nearest hour. Therefore, you need to wait for new hour and only after that, you may start setting your receiver.
After your subscription is purchased, connecting lines will be generated for your login in "My subscription" section. In the line "Settings for CCCam emulator", you need to press "Show/Hide", copy the lines appeared to the clipboard in the following form:
N: server port1 login password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
N: server port2 login password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
N: server port3 login password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Please be noted that the lines shall be like you see it here, starting from N, i.e. Newcamd protocol.
Then, start text editor, paste the lines copied and save file as CCcam.cfg. Copy the file to the flash drive, insert the flash drive into receiver,  press "menu" -----> "network settings" -----> "Camd setup" ------>  "CCcam Plug settings" shall be updated directly from CCCam emulator menu.
Exit (save) CCcam in the main menu and restart receiver (OFF - ON), holding ON on the remote control.
After restart, receiver will acivate server and connect ...
To check connection, enter CCcam.cfg file (as described above) - at the end of the server, you will see online status
If you see offline - your receiver could not connect the server. Try to find the problem... (if there is internet connection, login or password is correct, correct settings)
You may also replace the file using this software, using network. I think, it is easier way.

- you cannot make a log-file from this receiver!
- if your receiver is constantly restarted, turnd it OFF, and disconnect it from the dish cable. If it's OK (does not restart any more), it means that a short cut is somewhere in the cable, check all connections. DO NOT CONNECT OR DISCONNECT THE DISH CABLE TO/FROM THE RECEIVER WHICH IS TURNED ON!
- It is better to make sharing settings via CCCAM emulator (CCCAM plugin)!!! select Newcamd protocol.
- If you cannot see Emulator settings in th enetwork settings, point out the globe in the "MENU" and press "6666" - you will see settings!
- To hide YouPorn, enter application menu and press "6666", only YouTube will be left in the folder. Pressing "6666" again will show youPorn again

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