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Started by juhan, 17 January 2015, 01:04:16

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I just started the service with oscam, but got into trouble.

1) Requests for delayed decoding
IMPORTANT! It is strictly prohibited to use delayed decoding for our server (telecast records decoding).

No idea why I got this or how to adjust it...

2) Number of requests above the limit per 10 seconds

I'm not really sure how to adjust that... When I check through the web interface, it pings exactly every 10 seconds, so I hope its alright now.

3) Too many connections
I'm only using it oscam, but switched to cccam for a second so i hope that is fixed.

I think everything should be alright now, so maybe someone can check if it's alright now since it also shows me the old mistakes so I have no idea if I have improved or not.
usr: juhan



I can't edit posts so sorry for tripleing.

I can switch to cccam if that makes anything better, but trying it for once I got even more errors and even less ideas how to repair them.


MgCamd 1.35(a) is used with our service. If you cannot set up Oscam properly, change to mgcamd.
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